Orion FX Overview.

Orion FX Markets 


Orion FX Markets (Orion Markets Technologies Ltd Co No 12301453) was set up in August 2016 in order to deliver expert trading analysis and professional trading methodology to the retail market. We cover all asset classes, mainly specializing in Forex, Commodities and Indices.



The Orion Trading and management team consists of both traders and analysts with a keen technical and fundamental skill set. With over 50 years combined trading history with leading tier 1 institutions including Goldman Sachs, Cantor Fitzgerald, Tullett Prebon and many more. 



Our trading approach consists of both technical and fundamental methodology, utilizing a host of technical chart indicators, coupled and supported with news based market trends and driving factors. We believe both to be key in delivering consistent performance.



For all our subscribers and potential partners we showcase a principal master trading account, in which we directly place our trade ideas and orders to, and trade along with you. This account has shown considerable growth since inception achieving more than 8% avg on a monthly basis and 87.9% profitability position ratio. Naturally, your risk/reward factors are down to you so your results in growth may vary.


Our goal will be to continue to deliver methods, analysis and trade ideas often found at an institutional level into a simplified "trade along" format. We have had great success over the years with our clients and look forward to continuing the strength of our product and following.