1. Question – How long have you guys been trading?

Answer – We have been successfully navigating the markets since 2012, in this time we have
developed innovative trading strategies achieving high growth for our clients.

2. Question – What services do you provide?

Answer – We provide clients with full market analysis, live trade ideas/tips whilst offering a
fully supported service. This is what separates us from other providers.

3. Question – How do you achieve such a high trade win ratio.

Answer – Our highly experienced team of in-house traders meticulously study and anal
technical indicators and daily fundamentals, which we carefully deliver to our users in a clear
and concise manner. This said, we are always striving to improve this so expect more soon.

4. Question – I am interested, how do I sign up?

Answer – Registration is very easy and you can be benefiting from our service quickly. 

5. Question – How many points should I expect to win per month by using your service.

Answer – 2000 points+ per month is our minimum goal.

6. Question – Which broker should I use?

Answer – Since 2012, we have trialled many London based broker platforms. After extensive
research and a long-lasting relationship we fully recommend thinkmarkets.com due to their
excellent spreads and customer service. 

7. Question – How do I place a trade?

Answer – Please watch our easy to follow, step by step video explaining how to place a trade

8. Question – Is there any risk involved?

Answer – The FX Markets are the most volatile markets in the World and naturally carries an
large element of risk for every trader. We are the first to admit that we are not successful 100% of
the time (no-one is) however with every position we place we always ensure our clients
use a ‘StopLoss’. A ‘StopLoss’ is designed to limit a traders loss on an FX trade which
automatically triggers at a certain price.

9. Question – Do you support me with my trading?

Answer – Yes, if you opt for our Premium Package of only £99 per month, you will have
the ability to speak with our experienced team via Livechat, email or telephone. 

10. Question – What size trade positions should I start with?

Answer – This completely depends on the size of your account. We always recommend our
clients to be consistent and conservative with the trade size vs account size,

we execute the following position sizes:

£100.00 Account – 0.05 Lots per trade
£500.00 Account – 0.12 Lots per trade
£1000.00 Account – 0.25 Lots per trade
£5000.00 Account – 1.25 Lots per trade
(Please note – this is a guideline only based on an FX leveraged account with 1:50 leverage).

11. Question – How much capital can I start with?

Answer – CPT Markets can accept clients with a starting balance as low as £500.00.
However, if financially viable we would always recommend that clients start with a minimum
of £500.00 in their chosen broker account. This should allow for good risk management and
stronger upside potential. Please note, only deposit what you can afford. 

12. Question – How do I cancel?

Answer – You can cancel at any time, if you wish to do so you are required to email
support@orionfxmarkets.com with your full name and telephone number included. One of
our Account Managers will then contact you from there.

13. Question – Can I refer my friends and what do I get in return for doing so?

Answer – Of course, we win the majority of new clients from referrals from our current
happy traders. We offer a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme where you will receive a one-off payment
of £20.00 for every client you refer. 

14. Question – Do you run any training seminars or events?

Answer – Yes, we offer free trader training seminars for our ‘Premium members’ at a venue
here in London.

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